The Andhra Pradesh Productivity Council is an autonomous tripartite non profit making registered society, setup in the year 1958 by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

The Council renders services towards promoting and propagating productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in all spheres of life. A Governing Body comprising of nominees from Government and representatives from employers, Employees, Institutions / Professional bodies and Individuals of Eminence, periodically review and guide the activities of Council.

Our Vision

Promotion of Productivity awareness and quality of work life towards improving resource utilization and standard of living for national growth


  • Provide assistance to Industries, Corporations and Government towards rationalization and optimization of resources deployed.
  • Sustain continuous interactions with the clientele in meeting the challenge of changes in market, technology and government policies.
  • Plays a catalytic role towards upgrading professional skills of individuals through development programmes
  • Rural development and employment generation.