• Establish Industrial clusters
  • Propagation of sanitation, Literacy drive and Primary Health care
  • Promotion of Environment protection and eco friendly projects
  • Hoarding survey, Sign Board survey, Trade Licence Survey for municipalities
  • Diagnostic survey of incipient and sic units for rehabilitation in Districts
  • Survey of water connections and household survey of water consumption or Metro Water works and Municipal Corporations
  • Census of agricultural pump sets and energy balancing of industrial feeders in 11 District for Distribution companies
  • Impact assessment of post Matriculation Scholarships
  • Resource based potential survey and demand assessment for setting up small units in rural areas
  • Status survey of LPG connections under Deepam scheme
  • Opportunity assessment survey for identification of viable opportunities
  • Comprehensive studies of Tribal societies for self sufficiency
  • Social Research studies such as Industry specific, programme evaluation, market analysis, demand study etc.,